The ultimate guide to Learn about digital marketing in 1 minute

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The ultimate guide to Learn about digital marketing in 1 minute

Learn about digital marketing, do you think its going to be true? Digital marketing has evolved a 5C marketing framework from the previous 4P theory

Learn about digital marketing in 1 Minute

1 Customer All digital marketing needs to revolve around your customers. What are the customer’s needs, what are the customer’s hobbies, what media customers often read, and where do customers contact and purchase products. What is the group portrait of customers? These will be expanded in turn. The previous product is transformed into customer demand

Learn about digital marketing
Learn about digital marketing

2 Content evolved from the previous price theory. In the past, people were most concerned about price when buying things. Only now can the content of marketing communication move people’s hearts and encourage people to make the next purchase. Learn about digital marketing And digital media provides technical support for the presentation of content, not only the content is more eye-catching, but also the content of customers’ preferences can be accurately presented through big data, A/Btest and other methods.

3 Channel evolved from place in 4P theory, and the channels to reach users and customers are no longer limited to offline places. All channels that can reach users have become channels that can achieve sales conversion. Grasp every moment of demand generation at all times, or through long-term communication, promote the generation of demand. (Commonly known as planting grass) will become the top priority of digital marketing. Of course, the digital media channels are very extensive, and each channel has its own unique marketing tech. Of course, there are also various problems with traffic. I won’t go into details one by one here.

4 Campaign obviously evolved from promotion. The most successful case of Campaign is the Double Eleven. A good campaign is a long-term plan based on previous sales big data. Campain must have time to accumulate in order to continue to evolve again and again. Learn about digital marketing Once you have chosen the direction of the campaign, you must go on firmly. Little trouble, scattered activities will not have any precipitation except a waste of money.

5 CRM, customer relationship management is a grand subject. Thank you for the advent of digital technology. Let us be able to clearly retain the customer’s information after a wave of lively marketing activities. And through more ambitious big data (from various digital media such as Alibaba, Tencent, Google, Facebook), the definition of each customer is very clear. So as to personally communicate with each customer again (it is shameful to be familiar with it)

Why not digital advertising and marketing?

Many traditional companies are indeed turning to digitization, but while digital marketing companies are developing rapidly, most of them do not have a systematic methodology. They only solve some of the problems, and data only provide directions. Specific plans and actual implementation are still the most important.

In addition, advertising is a marketing method, and digital marketing is a marketing method that is not comparable. There is no doubt that the future marketing method must be digital marketing. However, as a marketing tool that has existed since ancient times, advertising must have its unique value. How to combine advertising as a marketing method with digital marketing, will it be a way out?

  • I often refer to this direction as: digital advertising and marketing of brands.

Boldly predict the main direction of the brand in the future, that is, digital advertising and marketing.

The focus of brand establishment is that the brand needs to agree to the content of the caliber to maintain long-term exposure of the image, and it needs data analysis to support the direction of brand development decisions. Therefore, the three key points that support the development of the brand are unified content, large-scale advertising, and data visualization.

The reason why a brand is called a brand is that it is recognizable, and you can think of it when you see it. Therefore, the unified output of the content is necessary. It is not only necessary to unify the logo and image, but also unify the internal mission, vision and values, and unify the external publicity and brand positioning.

Ensure that the external image of the brand is positive, the brand image exported by all insiders is unified, and the brand image understood by consumers and outsiders is unified with the content announced by the company. This is the value of unified brand content.

Purpose: Maintain the brand image, unify the publicity path, and ensure that the content of the brand output and the content received by consumers are unified and consistent.

Brands are called brands because they have continuous exposure. An important prerequisite for the establishment of a brand is to be familiar. In order to be familiar, it is essential to maintain long-term brand exposure. Many people will suggest using large-scale content to maintain exposure. Since the development of the Internet, a content recommendation system has been born, and the information explosion has made it impossible for all target users to be exposed to large-scale content. And the only purpose that can achieve brand exposure is long-term large-scale launch.

Purpose: Maintain brand familiarity, continuously deepen brand image, and deepen positioning relevance.

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