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HTML Course

Overview of HTML instruction
In order to build websites, web pages, and online apps, HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) is utilised. Users may build text- and image-containing paragraphs, headers, links, and other structural elements. We’ll assist learners in creating both straightforward and sophisticated web pages for their websites with our HTML training. Learners will acquire all the knowledge necessary to produce interesting web pages over the course. Learning HTML enables students to successfully design intricate and useful web sites. The success ladder in terms of worth and job chances may be climbed by students who pursue this training programme.

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CSS and JavaScript Course

Nowadays’ online is hardly recognisably different from the early white pages with lists of blue links. Nowadays, websites are made with intricate layouts, distinctive fonts, and personalised colour palettes. You will learn the fundamentals of Cascading Style Sheets in this course (CSS3). The focus will be on developing excellent programming habits, learning how to test code, and writing CSS rules.

The style of a website, when done well, may improve your page. The outcome can be worse than not styling at all if done poorly. You will discover how to assess pages using the standardised POUR accessibility criteria in order to make sure that your sites do not erect obstacles for users with cognitive and/or physical impairments.


Internships that pay you to learn from seasoned experts and acquire practical experience.


Expert-led mock interviews to help you prepare for the final interview.


Complete instructions for creating your first professional CV that will attract employers' attention.

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