Content Solutions

Content Developmemnt

Content is the most vital form of communication in the digital world. At Integra, we offer a host of innovative, end-to-end services that enhance and transform your content for the digital world.
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Content Solutions Services

We are experts at interviewing, research, writing, ghost writing and editing and will work along with you to create your ideal conversation with your customers. We’ll also help you keep your message consistent within a single document, across multiple editions or documents, as well as across mediums.
Be it a project that needs full-service editorial development from conceptualization to production, or a smaller editorial involvement, we don’t just deliver services, but add value to our publishing partners through innovative content strategies and stringent quality control.
Content Development

Our suite of content development services is distinctively designed to support the end-to-end content cycle requirements of K-12 and the Higher Education Publisher. Our subject matter experts, (former teachers and academic heads), along with technology specialists engage in evolving content strategies and deliver content both on print and digital media.

Content Enhencement

Our experts intellectually analyze content and create style sheets, electronic metadata that will attribute keyword, author, and subject indexing with consistency, accuracy, and precision. This ensures that your content is organic search ready. Our team of indexers constitutes of members certified by the “Society of Freelance Indexers” (SFI) and the “American Society of Indexers”(ASI).

Content Marketing

Content is the real player today. Sharing, gathering and creating content to attract customers based on the business.

Content Management

Our Rights and Permission team is a unique combination of intellectual property rights expertise and years of immersive industry experience. They have deep knowledge of various image sources, stock agencies, royalty free asset sources, and clearance procedures. Furthermore, their expertise is supported ably by our proprietary tools -iAM and iRights -that helps track and manage photo research and permission activities cost-effectively.

Content Transformation

Our team of experts looks into every aspect of composition to ensure that the output meets specific quality requirements, including consistency of style. They understand the importance of Content Layout Structuring and are adept at creating engaging layout designs that enhance content appeal.

Technology Solutions

Ability to capture every aspect of permissions workflow – manuscript assessment, determining fair use and public domain to clearing, re-clearing, expanding rights for languages, print runs, medium, formats, versions, editions, apps and much more.